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An ISI (IS-2347) Certified Products.

An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.

Outer lid type (6 Slot) Pressure Cookers (Universal Pride) are available in 3 ltrs., 5 ltrs., 7.5 Ltrs., 10 Ltrs. and 12 Ltrs. Inner lid type Pressure Cookers (Universal Pride) are available in 3 Ltrs. and 5 Ltrs. All Products are Lab tested and 100% Food grade and free from Lead.

Pressure Pans(Outer Lid Type-6 Slot) are also available in Senior (6 Lts app )and Junior (4 Lts app )sizes.

All Original Spares like Rubber Gaskets(In Senior Junior & Mini sizes),Safety Valves (Metallic Fusible Plugs),Weight Assembly set and Bakelite Handles(In all sizes) are available in Universal Brand.

A Wide range of Quality Aluminium Utensils are also manufactured by us, and are available - all of them made from Lab tested 100% Food Grade Aluminium.

For Gifting Ideas in Marriages, Cradle Ceremonies, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Festivals and for distributing in Corporate Offices, Factory Staff, Shops Staff or Charity Donations or Free Gift Schemes to sell your products and of course your own Domestic Use.

An Impressive and Costly looking gift at very affordable prices. Create an impression and let the person receiving the gift remember you for a long long time.

Available in all leading Wholesale Shops of Begum Bazar, Hyderabad and General Bazar, Secunderabad and leading Retailers across the twin cities and also other different cities of Andhra Pradesh.

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